sunnuntai 26. lokakuuta 2014

Halloween part 1

I know I have not been posting anything for days since I been trying to come up with few Halloween outfits. So on this first weekend I decided to make my version of a bunny girl. Little creepier version for the Halloween of course.

I think the hat is very nice and it was easy to wear since it was not too heavy. I kept the outfit quite simple since after all it is a bunny outfit. I was supposed to have a bow made out of pvc in the back of the belt but ended up not wearing it. I also wore the lace ruffle collar that I posted about a while ago. Underneath all the accessories I had just a simple body suit with lace in the front that is hidden by the ruffle collar. 

People kept staring me and Misantrella on the bus since I kept smiling with my teeth showing.

Make up was made by Maano. I really like it. Next week we are able to make something even more cool if my contact lenses arrive in time. Some of you might have already seen sneak peek of what I'm making for next week.

I also wore my brand new heeless ankle boots. These boots are so comfortable to walk and dance that you would not believe. And they cost only 12 $.

I better finish my next weeks outfit soon since I have not yet started the decorations for my and Mr. Grumpy's appartment. I did get a new family member few days ago. Say hi to Bob. I have no idea why I keep naming everything Bob.

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