sunnuntai 26. lokakuuta 2014


 I'm so in love with this fabric since it almost looks like an alien skin. I know this is one of those fabrics that really divide opinions so might really like it and some might be like ewww what it that. We'll good thing is that I don't care what your opinion is since I like it. It is actually just padded fabric. 
I wanted to make a shorter winter coat since all that I already have are quite long. I ended up making slight power shoulders so compliment the fabric. I still need to find a better belt to go with it since the buckle in this one is gunmetal and not silver. But it is hard trying to find something if it needs to be exactly like your vision. But in the mean time I'm going to be using this one.
I still have some left over fabric so I'm going to make a handbag out of it. The shape is going to be same as in the Ouija purse that I posted about a while ago.

 I made this one a while back. I just forgot to take pictures out of it. Actually I forgot that it even existed since it was waaaaaay in the back of my closet. That happens to many of my clothes. So I have not yet worn it. The jacket is a bit big for the mannequin so it doesn't the it properly.
The fabric is really cool it is some sort of pvc coated scuba fabric. I found it from a mixed faux leather bin at Eurokangas.
I was practicing my first power shoulder with this one. There is not anything inside the shoulder since it seems to hold the shape pretty nicely by itself. I'm thinking that maybe I should add something there just in case.

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