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Diva days

Too many days has gone by since my last post (lately I have been saying this a lot) but I have been busy and also it has been too dark outside to take any pictures indoors since most of my light comes from the window. I better get better lighting to my office. I know I have been saying that for a while now but now I really need to get better lights since the daytime is getting shorter and shorter every day.

Last Sunday we had yet another photo shoot. The weather was way too cold to be outside without a jacket and gloves but we did it anyways and by looking at the outcome it was absolutely worth it. 

This time the talented photographer was Eliza Rask. The amazing make-up was for me and my models were done by Maano. The models were Didi Ou and blogger Bones & Lilies and me. Big thank you for all who were involved in making this awesome photo shoot happen. Here is a little sneak peek of the pictures that were taken. 

I really can't wait to show you the rest of the pictures!

After getting back home we were able to get warmed up by going to sauna that Mr. Grumpy had warmed up for us. And what would a photo shoot day be with out eating pizza afterwards.

Here's few close-ups of the make-up.

Diva fur part two. I have been looking for a fur jacket for two months now. Not able to find the kind I wanted. Originally I was looking for one that would be crop version with long sleeves. But once again the world was against me and every store offered sleeves that were 5-10 cm too short for me. And none of them were crop version. And buying a fur jacket for a 79.90 € and modify it is totally a no brainier.

Good thing is that I can always make one. Sadly even this is not exactly like my vision since I wanted it to be white and the fur should have been a little longer. I visited the fabric stores many times. One time there was a perfect white fur but that time I had many others fabrics that needed to be bought so I didn't and the next time it was already gone. So what did we learn?

I think it turned out great even thought there were these obstacles. The jacket/shrug has a small high collar and the sleeves are wider at the hem. You'll be able to see pictures of this in use when I post pictures of this from the photo shoot.

 Bag lady is back! As some of you might recognize this it the same "alien skin" fabric that I made a winter jacket for me. The bag is quite large that you can actually fit everything in that every woman needs. Inside there is two small pockets for a phone or keys. The handles are made out of real leather. This item is for sale and it will be sold at Ateljeekatu store here in Tampere. But if you are really fast you can stop me from taking it there if you want to buy it. And let me tell you that there is only 1 of these available and it is going to go fast!
Price: 115 €

Bob does the quality inspection in this house. And yes I do name everything Bob since I'm bad at remembering names

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