maanantai 24. marraskuuta 2014

Small projects

Last Saturday was alternative blogger meetup at bar Klubi here in Tampere. 
Since it was such a cold day as soon as we got indoors I had to drink few cups of warm mulled wine. 
It was nice to meet everyone since I was not able to make it to two meetups before this one. It was fun to spend time with everybody and talk about anything and everything. 
We sneaked out to take few outfit photos at Klubi's stair case. 
Finally I was able to wear this dress I've had this in my closet for I think 1,5 years and I have not worn it. I love love love the collar since it is so big and can be worn open or closed. I have huge fixation for big collars since they just look awesome.
 Or course I do have one other dress in grey with long sleeves that had the same collar. I have worn it more since it is much warmer with long sleeves.

Meetup outfit
Dress: made by me
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Shoes: Shiekh

This was my first time wearing my brand new ankle boots. I really like the design since it is quite edgy. They were quite comfortable to wear but really hard to ride a bicycle with. I didn't want to spend money for a bus ticket and I didn't want to wear shoes that aren't high heels so I can only blame myself for this.

 For a while I've had this Mr. Grumpy's red silk tie. I was trying to sell it at a flea market since Mr Grumpy has a "better" red tie and did not need this one anymore even thought this one still had tags on. Well his loss my gain. Since nobody bought it I decided to make this hair fascinator out of it. I think I'm still going to add some black beads to the "rose". I think it looks quite cute. I might even be too cute for me but I think I'll be wearing it on Christmas.

As soon as I saw this head band at H&M I knew I had to buy it and alter it a bit. With a cat skull. Don't worry it is not real. I bought the skull from Etsy. Sadly I don't remember the name of the seller. The skull is a bit heavy for this purpose but it stays in my head when the head band is pinned to my hair securely. I have no idea with what I'm going to wear this with but I think I'll figure something out.

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