maanantai 19. toukokuuta 2014

Samples and other stuff

Hi again,

I found an apartment and signed the paper work. Yay! Then I better start packing. I need to go through all my stuff to see what I can get rid off and what should I sell. There is lots I need to buy for the apartment like a sofa, kitchen table and chairs lamps and carpets. Moving costs so much but I really like it because it always feels like a fresh start.

I have new sample pieces for sale. I'll be taking them to Ateljeekatu if you want to try them on.

Black dress with mesh in the front. Slight padding in the shoulders. Dress fits S-M. Price: 50 € + shipping

Black cotton tricot cross print dress. Fits size S-M. Mesh in the front and the back. Price: 70 € + shipping

Again with the crossed bones. I made off shoulder version today. If you like this one I can make more of it. Price will be 55 € + shipping. 

Here's also a pic for the crossed bones top and shorts I have for sale.
Top is sold for 55 € and shorts are 45 €
Both are available in S, M and L

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